Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Allo Paris restaurant

Our first visit to Allo Paris was about 5 months ago. The setting and the ambiance was still the same.
The food of course is not for those that like huge portions on their plate, but for those who like something a little more sophisticated. 
Level of service versus intrusion just right, but the staff was less friendly compare to the first visit.
I still remember they allowed us to walk into the showroom during my first visit. Now they no longer allow diners to do so. My bro-in-law was quite disappointed as I assured him would be happy to be able to enter into the showroom while waiting for meal. Sigh...
We started with the green pea soup and and cream of mushroom, both very rich and superb! For our mains we went for the pasta and burger. Everything was great, but if you are use to larger portions, ordering extra sides is recommended.

Green Pea and bacon soup (RM7.90) - A marriage of green pea and bacon served with crispy bacon bits. This is something special, worth a try!

Cream of mushroom (RM7.90) - A classic veloute of mushroom made from fresh button mushroom served with a swirl of cream and voila!

Ahikatsu with ginger and wasabi sauce (RM 17.90) - breaded yellowfin tuna loin served with the yummy sauce.

Spicy prawn pasta with Edamame (RM 17.90) - This spicy pasta dish with japanese white prawns tossed in spicy prawn oil and japanese green soy beans.

Cabonara (RM17.90) - Classic creamy white sauce pasta served with beef bacon and finished with parmesan cheese.

Chicken Roulade ( RM19.90) - Fancy mushrooms? Try allo's pan seared chicken breast brimmed with mushrooms, served with a side of ratatouille and herb-infused butter sauce.

Mentaiko pasta (RM14.90) - cooked with japanese dashi stock base, tossed in mayonnaise and codfish roe. 

Bistro burger with choice of chicken or beef (RM16.90) - straight from the oven, succulent meat patties with fluffy toasted bun served with french fries and bouquet of greens.

Guava juice (RM6.90) & Soda water (RM4.90)

Eiffel Tower plain water (FOC)

Allo Paris,
Ritze Perdana 2,
Jalan PJU 8/1, Damansara Perdana.
Tel: 03-7732-9909


  1. Why some of the photos cacat one?

    1. yeah i dunno how to use my sis camera, some are too dark, some are too bright...I'm not professional!

    2. Ooo what model