Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Blueberry Macaron

I think I'm addicted

Tried blueberry flavor today, taste soso. Too much sugar intake, must control myself not to buy again tomorrow.

Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Macaron maniac

I'm not a sweets lover, but whenever I see the lovely and scrumptious desserts, I've been always thinking that " they look simply irresistible.. but I wonder how they taste". Afternoon tea is my cuppa of choice to spend my weekend . Guys just dont get it why're the ladies love 3-tier afternoon tea so much. They may not as tasty as they looked but they're cute, colourful, girly...That's enough for cheering up our day, and a little bit gossip will just complete the leisurely lifestyle.
The latest 'it' dessert, the macaron, have been popping up all over the city recently. They're small biscuit/cake that are crunchy outside but soft inside. Honestly, it's not as tempting as it sounds when I first tried them, the taste was just sweet and very sweet. But after a few tried....To nonbelievers, u'll fall in love with this fashionable finger food .

Pistachio Macaron

Govida macaron 2/RM15, Exxy!!!

Bought this today

Unexpected! Rasberry was good

Cream cheeeze not bad though

When i was @ Luzern, Switzerland

Tiny and cute

If u happend to be in Paris, the French p√Ętisserie Laduree is reputed for making quality macarons in traditional and new flavors.

The most famous creation of Laduree

Sunday, 25 September 2011

The Loaf restaurant

I ordered a salmon twist, it's spaghetti with smoked salmon, everything was fine but the salmon itself a little bit too salty for me.
The teriyaki chic rolls was not bad.

Salmon Twist

Teriyaki chic roll

When we arrived, we're immediately seated and served with bread and butter, it's free. It's a nice place to have a quiet meal, there're not many diners even at peak hour. So you don't feel you are being eavesdropped in the conversation. My short review for this restaurant is cozy environment yet reasonable price.

They have a attached bakery house downstair, like their cup cheese cake as well. They are available in many flavors such as strawberry, chocolate, durian...personally i like laichee with almond topping the most. But there are only 4-5 tables for dine in, and usually full house all the time.