Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Macaron maniac

I'm not a sweets lover, but whenever I see the lovely and scrumptious desserts, I've been always thinking that " they look simply irresistible.. but I wonder how they taste". Afternoon tea is my cuppa of choice to spend my weekend . Guys just dont get it why're the ladies love 3-tier afternoon tea so much. They may not as tasty as they looked but they're cute, colourful, girly...That's enough for cheering up our day, and a little bit gossip will just complete the leisurely lifestyle.
The latest 'it' dessert, the macaron, have been popping up all over the city recently. They're small biscuit/cake that are crunchy outside but soft inside. Honestly, it's not as tempting as it sounds when I first tried them, the taste was just sweet and very sweet. But after a few tried....To nonbelievers, u'll fall in love with this fashionable finger food .

Pistachio Macaron

Govida macaron 2/RM15, Exxy!!!

Bought this today

Unexpected! Rasberry was good

Cream cheeeze not bad though

When i was @ Luzern, Switzerland

Tiny and cute

If u happend to be in Paris, the French p√Ętisserie Laduree is reputed for making quality macarons in traditional and new flavors.

The most famous creation of Laduree

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