Monday, 16 January 2012

Molten Lava

I used to always walk past  this little restaurant many times but never walked in till a few days ago.
I'm surprise we have to place the order and pay at the counter before sitting down. I thought I was in the fast food restaurant.

The lady warned me that the kampung fried rice gonna be very spicy. I told her I can handle spicy food and... Seriously, it was really really spicy, but yummy!

Kampung fried rice (RM7.80)

The sweet and sour chicken was not bad though, the boneless chicken was fried to perfection before mixing with the sauce.

Sweet and sour chicken (RM7.80)

For macaron, they have such a wide variety of flavors, you will be sure to find something that will excite your palate.

RM3.30/ Macaron

I'm a big fan of raspberry macaron, the raspberries usually offered a nice balance to the existing sweetness within the macaron.
To be honest, I found the crust of the macaron a bit too dry, but the filling was superb. It tasted like we were eating the fresh raspberry.

Raspberry macaron

I'm pleasantly surprised by the light and delicate texture of the vanilla flavor. It was flavorful and creamy

Vanilla macaron

I was a little disappointed of the black sesame macaron. It has no black sesame taste at all.

Black sesame macaron

Molten lave specialized in churros, must try this next time!

They were far better than expected (Though I admit to having pretty low expectations going in).
I wish I'd had a chance to sample the churros and other macaron flavors.

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

JPO (Johor premium outlet)

JPO( Johor premium outlet) which is located at kulaijaya was officially opened on Dec 2011. There will be a total of 130 shops within an area of 16,258 square meters located at JPO making this one of the top factory outlets in Southeast Asia to visit.

Johor Premium Outlets It is undoubtedly a heaven for Malaysian and Singaporean. Prices are definitely lower but mostly are leftover stock from last season. If you think what for going there if I cannot get the latest collection, think about good quality shoes and inner wear which need not  be so updated.

My conclusion :
  • Levis- long queue at the fitting room 
  • Coach- long queue at the entrance, similar to Hong Kong coach outlet, only old stock available
  • Burberry- even longer queue, discounted price still pricey
  • Ferragamo- not many choices available
  • DKNY- no need queue but not cheap
  • A/X- cheap but only sizes that are smaller or bigger available.
  • Charles and Keith (reduction)- price range RM39-RM69, worth to buy
Well,  I still managed to get a shu uemura cleansing oil for RM189 (Normal price: RM270). That's the only thing I bought that day.

Jalan Premium Outlets
Indahpura 81000Kulaijaya
Johor Darul Takzim, Malaysia

Location: johor

Geylang Lor 9 frog porridge

When my friend suggest to eat frog porridge, my response was 'excuse me, porridge?!!! Can't you just cook at home?...
For those that are uninitiated, Geylang, famous as the red light districts in Singapore where it also serves Singapore’s most famous frog porridge.

The are three different way they serve the frog. We ordered one each. (RM12/frog)
Nevertheless, the porridge was still very tasty even though there were nothing inside and was sizzling hot the time it was served. You can actually taste the freshness and juiciness in the frog from the first bite, it was seriously good.
You could add some sesame oil or white pepper for extra seasoning if you want but I recommend using the gravy from the dry chili and spring onion frog legs. 

Spring onion frog leg was very flavorful and the gravy are perfect to mix with porridge or rice.
Frog meat is exquisitely tender and juicy.

The dry chili (kungpo) sauce was not so spicy, but has a little kick. It complements well with the plain porridge and the texture of the frog was very smooth, tender and juicy.

Fried hong kong cabbage was sweet and crispy. yummy! (RM12)

I don't deny that the frog porridge was very good, worth a visit !

Sunway Mentari
No.2, Jalan PJS 8/12A,
Dataran Mentari,
46150 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

No.10, Jalan SS2/61,
47800 Petaling Jaya,
Selangor Darul Ehsan.

Thursday, 5 January 2012

Nyonya restaurant, SS2

Their menu offers the simple and conventional nyonya dishes. Sambal udang petai  is my favorite dish regardless how smelly a petai can be. Some could not stand petai because of it's bad smell. Stinky bean actually holds many health benefits such as regulates blood pressure and reduces the risk of stroke. But please avoid this if you are attending any special occasion afterward. Their sambal udang petai not only looks appertizing, the juicy fleshly prawn went superbly with the petai. It was not bad but I still prefer Madam Kwan's version.
Another yummy must have is the honey chicken. The chicken was marinated well with honey gives it a juicy meat and flavorful skin.
Mengkuang char is a classic Nyonya must have. I like it, got 'wok hei'
Tom yum soup looks fiery red with the chilli oil on top.This is not a thai style tom yum, it tastes very local which remind me of  my mum's recipe.
The juices was something forgetable, nothing much to talk about.
The cendol looks simlple and plain, but it tastes surprisingly refreshing. Nothing to complain about considering the price.

Fresh Juices (RM3.50)

Sambal udang petai (RM16.50)

Mengkuang Char (RM12)

Honey Chicken (RM15)

Tom Yum soup (RM13)

Cendol (RM3.50)

I like nyonya restaurant, can't wait to go back again for the mengkuang char and honey chicken.


Nyonya Restaurant
52, Jalan SS2 / 24,
47300 Petaling Jaya
Tel: 03-7875 9709

Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Suchan, the curve

Have you guys heard of suchan bakery cake? I've never until I bought the voucher from milkadeal. Then I googled  it and found they serve award-winning cakes. It doesn't look anything special  from the outside, it doesn't fit in its location but the cake is definitely worthwhile.

Thai Laksa  (RM16)

Thai laksa was quite a disappointment. It neither taste like thai laksa nor asam laska. I had my first thai laksa in phuket which has coconut milk added.  Its not as spicy as it looks, and has a slightly sour kick to it. The best thing is, the vendor allow us to add as many vegetables (long bean, bean sprout etc) as we like.
You can also get the real thai laksa at night market (pasar malam).  The gravy is sourish and have really nice laksa aroma, but it's very very spicy.

Seafood Aglio Olio (RM22)

Generous portion of seafood
Seafood spaghetti was more to my liking. And oglio olio style of cooking  is my all time favorite, simple yet toothsome.

Tiramisu (RM10.90)

It served with strawberry sauce

Banana Torte (RM10.90)

The signature tiramisu was superb. The crunchy bits on top was addictive. Every bite full of large chunks of nuts. If you have nut allergies, please don't attempt to try this.
For the banana torte, I didn't really enjoy eating it. I should have chosen the rum and raisins cake instead.

It was a RM18.50 deal to get the main course + 1 slice of cake + Drink. ( Original price:  RM41.15)
The normal price of the cake is RM10.90, which is more pricey than other bakery. I will only be back again for the Tiramisu.