Thursday, 5 January 2012

Nyonya restaurant, SS2

Their menu offers the simple and conventional nyonya dishes. Sambal udang petai  is my favorite dish regardless how smelly a petai can be. Some could not stand petai because of it's bad smell. Stinky bean actually holds many health benefits such as regulates blood pressure and reduces the risk of stroke. But please avoid this if you are attending any special occasion afterward. Their sambal udang petai not only looks appertizing, the juicy fleshly prawn went superbly with the petai. It was not bad but I still prefer Madam Kwan's version.
Another yummy must have is the honey chicken. The chicken was marinated well with honey gives it a juicy meat and flavorful skin.
Mengkuang char is a classic Nyonya must have. I like it, got 'wok hei'
Tom yum soup looks fiery red with the chilli oil on top.This is not a thai style tom yum, it tastes very local which remind me of  my mum's recipe.
The juices was something forgetable, nothing much to talk about.
The cendol looks simlple and plain, but it tastes surprisingly refreshing. Nothing to complain about considering the price.

Fresh Juices (RM3.50)

Sambal udang petai (RM16.50)

Mengkuang Char (RM12)

Honey Chicken (RM15)

Tom Yum soup (RM13)

Cendol (RM3.50)

I like nyonya restaurant, can't wait to go back again for the mengkuang char and honey chicken.


Nyonya Restaurant
52, Jalan SS2 / 24,
47300 Petaling Jaya
Tel: 03-7875 9709


  1. I can see that you really love Nyonya food, sambal udang petai and honey chicken are my fav dishes^^

  2. Wah u eat a lot wor