Monday, 16 January 2012

Molten Lava

I used to always walk past  this little restaurant many times but never walked in till a few days ago.
I'm surprise we have to place the order and pay at the counter before sitting down. I thought I was in the fast food restaurant.

The lady warned me that the kampung fried rice gonna be very spicy. I told her I can handle spicy food and... Seriously, it was really really spicy, but yummy!

Kampung fried rice (RM7.80)

The sweet and sour chicken was not bad though, the boneless chicken was fried to perfection before mixing with the sauce.

Sweet and sour chicken (RM7.80)

For macaron, they have such a wide variety of flavors, you will be sure to find something that will excite your palate.

RM3.30/ Macaron

I'm a big fan of raspberry macaron, the raspberries usually offered a nice balance to the existing sweetness within the macaron.
To be honest, I found the crust of the macaron a bit too dry, but the filling was superb. It tasted like we were eating the fresh raspberry.

Raspberry macaron

I'm pleasantly surprised by the light and delicate texture of the vanilla flavor. It was flavorful and creamy

Vanilla macaron

I was a little disappointed of the black sesame macaron. It has no black sesame taste at all.

Black sesame macaron

Molten lave specialized in churros, must try this next time!

They were far better than expected (Though I admit to having pretty low expectations going in).
I wish I'd had a chance to sample the churros and other macaron flavors.