Friday, 30 March 2012

En Ginza Café

En Ginza cafe is a marriage between best of Japanese cafe culture and traditional french baking. In short, it's a fusion of Japanese and French food. 
They provide freshly baked French breads, gourmet coffee, pastries, cakes and cafe menu.
I'm not a coffee connoisseurs, but I feel like my coffee always tastes better when they take the extra time to make it pretty. That's called coffee foam art, making fancy coffee in various styles by using espresso, milk and chocolate topping. It is not only a kind of enjoyment in taste but also in vision. slurp!
The baristas here has good skill at creating cartoon character.

Wafu mentai spaghetti  is a japanese style spicy cod roe with prawn spaghetti. It is a very popular Japanese yoshoku dish, or a Western-influenced dish. The preparation is very simple and hard to mess up, with pollock roe adding a wonderfully salty and savory flavor. Hmm, it's my all time favorite.
Grilled salmon was grilled with butter soy sauce, the presentation is nice but way too salty! It's seriously as salty as traditional salted fish.
The almond mixed macaron is not a ordinary macaron. It's double the size of normal macaron which stuffed with a handful of almond and berries. A fruity macaron that tastes not bad!

Wafu mentai spaghetti (RM26.90)

Grilled salmon (RM25.90)

Almond mixed fruit macaron

Earlier entry: took a break at en ginza cafe after a shopping spree. Had a little try of the macaron, not bad but not the best. I like the way they serve it!

Angry bird cappuccino, anyone?

Macaron (RM3.80)

Cappucino (RM8.90)
Jasmine green tea (RM12.90)

Tokyo Street, Level 6,
Pavilion KL, 168,
Jalan Bukit Bintang,
55100 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 03-2148-0369

Saturday, 17 March 2012


Dining out isn't always easy for dieters and the health-conscious people. Of course, being someone who loves food and who loves to dine out, it can be tricky to find healthy options, especially at chain restaurants, where creative, healthful choices take a backseat to large portions and high-fat, low-cost alternatives. However, some restaurants, such as Greenlicious, have introduced special menus to cater to the needs a growing number of health-conscious customers.
GreenLicious’ team consists of recognized professionals from diverse backgrounds, each having in depth experience of various field, the team includes of doctor, nutritionist, beautician, artist and in-depth tour expert.
They provide organic or natural food that are no artificial color, industrial inducer, preservative, antibiotic or growth hormone is added with the aim of promoting a healthy lifestyle.

The garden salad is the best entree for your unique health needs, healthy yet appetizing.
Nasi lemak KL tower is one of the Greenlicious's signature. Aromatic herbs and spices are used to cook the rice instead of coconut milk. It's a more toned down version of nasi lemak, milder, not overly spicy but quite fragant. Good for those who love nasi lemak but watching their waistlines.  
Hainanese roasted chicken rice is decent, but nothing to shout about.
Jelly with chia seeds is something I've never tried before. This gel-like drink come with a lot of tiny seeds tastes amazing!

Greenlicious garden salad (RM9.90)

Hainanese roasted chicken rice (RM17.90)

Nasir Lemak kl tower (RM15.90)

Jelly with chia seed (RM6.90)

Plenty of products for purchase

Organic food doesn't mean it would be less tasty, just made using organic ingredients hence usually more expensive. But I found the prices here was quite reasonable.
For health nuts, this is your place!

Unit A-G-12, Block Allamanda,
10 Boulevard, PJU 6A, Lebuhraya Sprint,
47400 Petaling Jaya, Malaysia.
Tel:03-7724 1109
Operation Hours:11.30am – 10pm (From Monday to Sunday)

Friday, 16 March 2012

The apartment

Since we really busy clinging with the other half so may be sometimes we should take a time to do women thingy.
I mean stories and life experiences sharing. LOL
On arrival, I really liked the casual atmosphere of the place. The concept of the restaurant is to give you a real homey feel, it was like being invited to someone's house.

Like a real apartment, the place is divided into several areas such as bedroom area, the toilet area, the kitchen area... We're seated at the bedroom area as we thought dinning on the bed would be an enjoyable experience. 
We order two type of desserts which we though was good value for money as each dessert was come with a cup of coffee/tea.

Black Forest (RM15.90)

Baked chocolate pudding (RM16.90) which took 15 minutes to be done, rich yet moist with the ice-cream added.
There are very few people who do not love chocolate but some diners have adverse reactions to chocolate, or simply find it too heavy after a meal.

Promo Black coffee

Promo tea

P.fruti cooler (RM11.00)

Lemonade (RM11.50)

The deco and service is fine, but the dessert was slightly pricey with nothing much to look forward to. 
I was actually expecting for a little more.

G72-74 and 152
Ground Floor and First Floor
Western Courtyard
The Curve Mutiara Damansara
Petaling Jaya

Tel No: 03 – 7727 8330 

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Brunch @ DOME

It’s been a while since we had our so call girls day out.  I realized girls are much more fun to hang out with than guys.
Let’s face it, ladies…sometimes there are just some things the men in our lives don’t want to do. So, when that is the case, plan a girl’s day out!
We gathered early at sunway giza and realized that most of the shops were not opened yet. Then we headed over to the curve and started our very eventful itinerary. Haha what again if not shopping,  yum yum sek sek and women talking or gossiping.
It's like through shopping, somehow we found a new focus and our moods get uplifted. What we can't solve in real life, we solve it through retail therapy, and shopping is cheaper than a psychiatrist.
We totally spent our great time together.

Apple crush (RM13) - Fresh apple and honey blended with ice shavings made to order. I like it.
Ice coffee (RM12) - A single shot of espresso infusion poured over vanilla ice cream and ice. It's filled with chilled milk, topped with fresh whipped cream and finished with a light dusting of chocolate.

Spicy chicken & mushroom pasta (RM23) - Your choice of linguini or spaghetti tossed with a spicy chicken and mushroom sauce.

Nasi Lemak (RM21) - Your choice of chicken or beef rendang accompanied by coconut infused rice and served with traditional condiments.

Creamy seafood pasta (RM28) - Your choice of linguini or spaghetti tossed with a creamy garlic, seafood sauce and topped with parmesan cheese.

Beef burger (RM23) - Grilled 100% beef burger with cos lettuce, tomato relish , sliced cheddar, mustard mayonnaise and fresh tomato in a toasted focaccia bun. Served with chips. Also available with chicken...and of course the birthday girl Jolie opted for chicken.

To me, the food was nice enough but not exceptional.
The food here used to be very good, it had changed a lot since my last visit (many years ago)..not sure what's wrong with them now.

Although I didn’t quite enjoy my meal, I loved spending the whole afternoon with my girls just catching up and exchanging gossips.haha XOXO

Lot G85, Ground Floor, The Curve,
Mutiara Damansara, 47800 PJ.

03 7727 7311