Friday, 30 March 2012

En Ginza Café

En Ginza cafe is a marriage between best of Japanese cafe culture and traditional french baking. In short, it's a fusion of Japanese and French food. 
They provide freshly baked French breads, gourmet coffee, pastries, cakes and cafe menu.
I'm not a coffee connoisseurs, but I feel like my coffee always tastes better when they take the extra time to make it pretty. That's called coffee foam art, making fancy coffee in various styles by using espresso, milk and chocolate topping. It is not only a kind of enjoyment in taste but also in vision. slurp!
The baristas here has good skill at creating cartoon character.

Wafu mentai spaghetti  is a japanese style spicy cod roe with prawn spaghetti. It is a very popular Japanese yoshoku dish, or a Western-influenced dish. The preparation is very simple and hard to mess up, with pollock roe adding a wonderfully salty and savory flavor. Hmm, it's my all time favorite.
Grilled salmon was grilled with butter soy sauce, the presentation is nice but way too salty! It's seriously as salty as traditional salted fish.
The almond mixed macaron is not a ordinary macaron. It's double the size of normal macaron which stuffed with a handful of almond and berries. A fruity macaron that tastes not bad!

Wafu mentai spaghetti (RM26.90)

Grilled salmon (RM25.90)

Almond mixed fruit macaron

Earlier entry: took a break at en ginza cafe after a shopping spree. Had a little try of the macaron, not bad but not the best. I like the way they serve it!

Angry bird cappuccino, anyone?

Macaron (RM3.80)

Cappucino (RM8.90)
Jasmine green tea (RM12.90)

Tokyo Street, Level 6,
Pavilion KL, 168,
Jalan Bukit Bintang,
55100 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 03-2148-0369


  1. OMG! those coffee so cute!

  2. My sister gonna like this especially the hello kitty

    1. yeah I bet she will just look at it and won't drink it forever