Saturday, 17 March 2012


Dining out isn't always easy for dieters and the health-conscious people. Of course, being someone who loves food and who loves to dine out, it can be tricky to find healthy options, especially at chain restaurants, where creative, healthful choices take a backseat to large portions and high-fat, low-cost alternatives. However, some restaurants, such as Greenlicious, have introduced special menus to cater to the needs a growing number of health-conscious customers.
GreenLicious’ team consists of recognized professionals from diverse backgrounds, each having in depth experience of various field, the team includes of doctor, nutritionist, beautician, artist and in-depth tour expert.
They provide organic or natural food that are no artificial color, industrial inducer, preservative, antibiotic or growth hormone is added with the aim of promoting a healthy lifestyle.

The garden salad is the best entree for your unique health needs, healthy yet appetizing.
Nasi lemak KL tower is one of the Greenlicious's signature. Aromatic herbs and spices are used to cook the rice instead of coconut milk. It's a more toned down version of nasi lemak, milder, not overly spicy but quite fragant. Good for those who love nasi lemak but watching their waistlines.  
Hainanese roasted chicken rice is decent, but nothing to shout about.
Jelly with chia seeds is something I've never tried before. This gel-like drink come with a lot of tiny seeds tastes amazing!

Greenlicious garden salad (RM9.90)

Hainanese roasted chicken rice (RM17.90)

Nasir Lemak kl tower (RM15.90)

Jelly with chia seed (RM6.90)

Plenty of products for purchase

Organic food doesn't mean it would be less tasty, just made using organic ingredients hence usually more expensive. But I found the prices here was quite reasonable.
For health nuts, this is your place!

Unit A-G-12, Block Allamanda,
10 Boulevard, PJU 6A, Lebuhraya Sprint,
47400 Petaling Jaya, Malaysia.
Tel:03-7724 1109
Operation Hours:11.30am – 10pm (From Monday to Sunday)


  1. since when u become so healthy?!

  2. This tiny seeds are call chia seed. It's high in omega 3&6 and collagen as well which is need for both men and women. Men need too especially those who workout or exercise to repair the joints. Hope my info helps.

    1. Oh really? Thanks for the info ;)

  3. overall is not worth to dine in as the price is not cheap.
    you can try the other organic restaurant which located just nearby and I think you will change your comment on this.