Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Puran B, Isetan 1 utama

Puran B which is actually a Japanese version of Plan B has finally come to 1 utama. Although located in a mall, in the busy Isetan food paradise which consisting of many other eateries, the decor are sufficiently unique to set the restaurant apart as separate entity. That's what the BIG group always does.

Previous entry on Plan B

Nyonya Laksa (RM20) - Poached shredded chicken, prawns, crunchy bean sprouts, long beans and cucumber in a fragant light lemongrass curry, over rice vermicelli. Best served with chili given.

Teriyaki Salmon Fillet (RM35) - grilled salmon fillet with teriyaki sauce served with cold soba noodles and soy dressing. A nice piece of salmon with overcooked and chalky soba.

Nasi  Lemak (RM26) - Coconut rice with ayam berempah, sambal sotong and tradional condiments. Average at best, I found the rice was not fragrant at all and completely lacked the coconut richness. Not something I would order again.

Carbonara pasta (RM20) - Spaghetti with turkey ham and sauteed mushrooms, tossed in classic creamy sauce. Best meal of the night.

Give her carbonara, and she is a happy girl

Level 2, Isetan One Utama,
1 Lebuh Bandar Utama,
Petaling Jaya

Monday, 30 July 2012

Cozy corner

I visited this restaurant months ago and almost forgot about it. You can imagine how forgettable the experience was. Cozy corner located in Ampang park shopping complex and I'm not aware of it even though it's just 5 mins walking distance from my office. I've never heard about this restaurant  but the interior sounded promising to me.

Too bad I didn't bring my camera, so bear with the pics quality from my hp

Escargots bourguignon (RM19/ half dozen ; RM34/dozen) - Escargots baked with garlic butter sauce, served with bread and butter. The price is not comparable to the quality. I was not impressed.

Mixed grill ' London House' (RM40) - Combination of lamb, beef, chicken, sausage and fried egg. Nothing special or exciting.

Seafood spaghetti (RM27) - A combination of prawn, crab meat, mussels and scallop cooked in creamy bechamel sauce served with grated cheese. Fresh ingredient + fair cooking skill + not so good presentation = soso... The best thing is the portion is very generous.

Guava juice ( RM6), Dragon fruit juice (RM6.50) & Cincau soya (RM 4.50). 

I would never go again to this place for any reason and I don't recommend this restaurant. But if you a big eater, this is the place for you.

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

NAMOO on the park

The first Korean dessert cafe , Namoo on the park korean dessert cafe and bistro has arrived in Malaysia serving genuine korean dessert and food. Namoo means 'tree' in Korean, so the interior are mostly of wood . You can enjoy your meal in a warm and natural feeling yet modern bistro environment.

Bori tea {korean traditional barley tea} (RM 1.90)
Hot yuza tea {korean traidional citrus tea} (RM7.90) - distinctively tasty and has many health benefits.

Bulgogi beef taco (RM19.90) - Korean marinated beef, mixed vegetables and sliced onion, rolled in a warm tortilla flat bread. Hmm...Korean always know the best way to marinate beef.

Beef rice burger (RM23.90) - Grilled handmade beef patty, fresh vegetables and a fried eggs, served on a handmade grilled rice bun. Perfect for those who craving for burger but can't survive without rice. It would be better if served with more generous amount of beef. I have 1/4 rice bun leftover because there was not enough beef to eat with.

The king's bing soo (RM 12.90) -  milk tea or green tea option available. It's a shaved ice with rice cakes, red beans and ice cream sprinkled with multi-grain powder. It's toothsome and huge ! More than enough for two persons.

4A, Level G3,
Publika, Solaris Dutamas, 
50480 Kula Lumpur
Tel: 03-64116698
Opening hours 11am - 10.30pm

Please park at block C2 and take a lift to level G3. Namoo is just beside the lift
(Above MPH bookstores)

Monday, 23 July 2012

Bonjour garden bakery cafe (2)

We have dined several times here and have always been very satisfied with the food. We dined most recently two weeks ago, the food was once again very good.
Earlier Entry : Bonjour garden bakery cafe

Chicken tenders (RM10.90) -  succulent strips of skinless, boneless chicken, bread crumbed and fried to perfection, served with a creamy tartar dipping sauce.

Bonjour tom yum seafood spaghetti (RM17.50) - Italy meets Thailand. Spaghetti with fruits of  the sea, mussel, prawn, fish and calamari, in a rich and tangy sauce.

Carbonara chicken (RM15.50) - Sliced of lean tender chicken breast compliment the rich, creamy, cheesy sauce of this delicious spaghetti dish with a parsley garnish.

Chicken teriyaki burger (RM 18.90) - Grilled chicken teriyaki with mushroom, cheese and served with mixed salad and fries. Yummy!

Ms Ku insisted we sit in the 'cage'

Tel : 03-61407587

Thursday, 19 July 2012

The ship

I haven't been blogging much because I've been soooo lazy. Well, good bloggers post everyday...I'm not professional ..enough! This is another antiquated post from me.
The ship is a theme restaurant with the reputation of serving the best steak in town. Completing the theme is service provided by captains and crew in maritime uniform.

Corkage fee is about RM40 according to one of the crew. Juices available for only RM6.90 per glass.
Food quality much like any other chain restaurant I've been in.

Bread and butter was served once we're seated.

pumpkin soup (mother's day promo) 

Garlic toast (RM2.90 x 3= RM8.70) - to feed hungry ghosts before the meal arrive, not recommended.

Escargot (RM28.90/ doz) - One of the best escargot in town. Perfectly baked and We all loved the sauce!

Charbroiled BBQ spare rib with chili (RM 53.90) - Bone-in rib steak deliciously marinated until bone chewing good served with prime vegetables, corn on cob, baked potato and a bowl of salad. Chili is optional but it tastes really good with a slight touch of spiciness. The portion was more than enough for lunch.

Mother's Day promo set : Seafood Platter ( RM 30.90) - Combination of grilled king prawn, fish fillet, grilled squid, fried soft crab and fried scallop served with french fries. The portion getting lesser compared to years ago. This might be due to the valued for money promotion set?! The presentation of the dish need to be enhanced, so does the taste...

Russian chicken ( RM22.90) - Grilled chicken fillet garnished with vodka bechamel sauce served with frech fries and vegetables.

come with mother's day promo

Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Agnès b Café L.P.G.

If you are happen to be in Tapei, don't forget to visit Agnès b Café Le pain grille in taipei 101. The cafe specialized in french dessert which I like the most.
Grey-coloured walls, small wooden chairs, small marble-top tables and warm lighting give it a cozy atmosphere that is perfect for relaxing.
Prices at Agnès b was quite reasonable.
Highly recommended the set menu for TWD 320. The set includes sandwich, cake and coffee.
All of them are distinct and prepared with sincerity. Their outlook are tempting and we could feel how the chefs shaped the delicacy into perfection.

I love this place!

Smoked salmon and grilled vegetables in white baguette (TWD 120)- The taste is as good as I imagined.

Ice caramel flavour cappuccino (TWD 155)

Vanille pie (TWD 120) - A bit small but well worth it

Opps! oozing oozing...