Monday, 30 July 2012

Cozy corner

I visited this restaurant months ago and almost forgot about it. You can imagine how forgettable the experience was. Cozy corner located in Ampang park shopping complex and I'm not aware of it even though it's just 5 mins walking distance from my office. I've never heard about this restaurant  but the interior sounded promising to me.

Too bad I didn't bring my camera, so bear with the pics quality from my hp

Escargots bourguignon (RM19/ half dozen ; RM34/dozen) - Escargots baked with garlic butter sauce, served with bread and butter. The price is not comparable to the quality. I was not impressed.

Mixed grill ' London House' (RM40) - Combination of lamb, beef, chicken, sausage and fried egg. Nothing special or exciting.

Seafood spaghetti (RM27) - A combination of prawn, crab meat, mussels and scallop cooked in creamy bechamel sauce served with grated cheese. Fresh ingredient + fair cooking skill + not so good presentation = soso... The best thing is the portion is very generous.

Guava juice ( RM6), Dragon fruit juice (RM6.50) & Cincau soya (RM 4.50). 

I would never go again to this place for any reason and I don't recommend this restaurant. But if you a big eater, this is the place for you.


  1. mmm, i haven't eaten here before but i've heard about it and wanted to try for many years. maybe someday, since the location is quite convenient :D

    1. surprise's hard to get somewhere you've never been before.