Monday, 2 July 2012

Taiwan street food

Ask anyone who has been to taiwan, they will undoubtly tell you shopping and eating. you can get anything at taiwanese night market. Night markets in Taiwan is well organized, with a huge variety of food and clothing.
I've been to Taiwan few years ago, my impression of Taiwanese was bland and nothing special.
Taiwanese food generally depends on salt, oil, and sweetness. The flavors tend to be more subtle
This time round, I found some of the Taiwanese street food really impressive. As a result, I gained 1.5kg in few days. TELL ME HOW TO LOSE WEIGHT WITHOUT GOING ON A DIET!!!
I was not so sure what did I eat during the entire trip. All I remember are cheap, quick, easy and tasty...

Xiao long bao did not disappoint me, juicy and flavorful!

Stewed pork rice and braised tofu - very commonly eaten dish on the night market

Taiwanese fatty pork sausage are formed with chunks of emulsified pork fat and chopped pork. A popular snack.

Napoleon Pie, Yummy! 

Braised 'everything'

Mister Donut- coming soon to Malaysia

you shouldn't miss the chance to try the oyster vermicelli. It looks plain, but it was really good. Better than ah chung mee sua in xin men ting.

cold noodle- perfect for summer

beef noodle soup

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