Thursday, 19 July 2012

The ship

I haven't been blogging much because I've been soooo lazy. Well, good bloggers post everyday...I'm not professional ..enough! This is another antiquated post from me.
The ship is a theme restaurant with the reputation of serving the best steak in town. Completing the theme is service provided by captains and crew in maritime uniform.

Corkage fee is about RM40 according to one of the crew. Juices available for only RM6.90 per glass.
Food quality much like any other chain restaurant I've been in.

Bread and butter was served once we're seated.

pumpkin soup (mother's day promo) 

Garlic toast (RM2.90 x 3= RM8.70) - to feed hungry ghosts before the meal arrive, not recommended.

Escargot (RM28.90/ doz) - One of the best escargot in town. Perfectly baked and We all loved the sauce!

Charbroiled BBQ spare rib with chili (RM 53.90) - Bone-in rib steak deliciously marinated until bone chewing good served with prime vegetables, corn on cob, baked potato and a bowl of salad. Chili is optional but it tastes really good with a slight touch of spiciness. The portion was more than enough for lunch.

Mother's Day promo set : Seafood Platter ( RM 30.90) - Combination of grilled king prawn, fish fillet, grilled squid, fried soft crab and fried scallop served with french fries. The portion getting lesser compared to years ago. This might be due to the valued for money promotion set?! The presentation of the dish need to be enhanced, so does the taste...

Russian chicken ( RM22.90) - Grilled chicken fillet garnished with vodka bechamel sauce served with frech fries and vegetables.

come with mother's day promo


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