Saturday, 7 April 2012

South Sea Seafood Restaurant

This is a must go restaurant for my sister everytime she is back in Malaysia.
South sea seafood restaurant has an assortment of crabs, clams, fish and oysters and the food ain't cheap. The ambiance is nice with a large selection of live and exotic edible sea creatures are on display in aquariums to delight your sense. Kids will definitely like it, so do my nieces. 
The dish to get here is lobster which the server told us most of the people eat here. It is true as I walked over to the restroom and most people had the huge place of lobster at their table.  

Orange juice (RM5)

Apple juice (RM5)
Mantis prawn meat (RM38)

Tea for  8 person (RM14.40)
Not sure what is this (RM28)

Wa tan ho (RM20)

4 king vege (RM30)
Bamboo fish (RM250)
Australian lobster (RM759)
Raw lobster
Shabu-shabu lobster
The leftover lobster was used to fry yee mee
Empurau fish (RM910)

My eyes did pop out when I see the bill. Thanks to my dearest bro-in-law who paid for the dinner. It's kinda funny because his favorite is wa tan ho, but he needs to pay for everything.  


  1. Wah really really Wang bu liao

  2. The lobster looks very tempting!