Monday, 31 October 2011

Restaurant cozy place

I accidentally found this restaurant while doing some 'business' in Wangsa maju. It's tucked amidst a row of shop-lot at Suburman centre, Wangsa delima which is nearby to Wangsa walk shopping complex( the shop lot behind the brothers).

The surrounding was quite quiet. I called it a hidden gem nestled at Wangsa maju

Everything on the wall make it like a real English country house


Homely English filled environment
It creates a cozy and serene dining area with the dim light and the nostalgic decoration.
Sick of western food although you still wanna get that kind of English style dining feel..?
Don't worry, diners have a choice of dining on western food or local cuisine.
I've been craving for rice lately, so I ordered a very local ones, kampung fried rice. It was good but i wondered why they serve it with the raw vege. I can't accept the uncooked vege, yucks!
The ginger beef rice was not bad also, beef was tender and juicy.
Baked crap, something I have never tried before. The fresh crap was perfectly baked with the cheese, this is so heavenly. Where have you been in my past life??!!  Even we were's studded up with the mains, we managed to finish this as well.

Ginger beef rice

Baked crap- 5 stars food

Promotion dish- deep fried sotong ring

Aromatic cappucino is something unforgettable

Pink guava was soso. But you can't complain a RM4.90 juice
Love the aristocratic decor

Really good food prepared by the great chef.
Lovely service, the staff were very polite, responsive and well-dressed.
Relaxing background music that match the theme of the restaurant were played while we having our meal.
For the price, I would say it's cheap rather than reasonable. For the 5 dishes and 2 drinks we ordered, the bill came out to be only~ RM 56.
It's worth returning to check out the western food. Burps! Excuse me!

Here's the address:
No.27-29, jalan Wangsa delima 2A, KL.
Suburban Centre III, Section 5,
Wangsa maju, 53300 KL.


  1. Ooo,this is the place where I wanted to visit last month but not able to>< I'm gonna find a day and go ady!

  2. Really? Must try their baked crap and cappuccino