Friday, 4 November 2011

Food Foundry again

 Second time being here, nothing much to introduce. Everything was still the same, the decor was still as simple as it was, the mille crepe cake was yummy still, a reasonable portion, a reasonable price....
I'm kinda lazy to write...haha, here you are

I'm part of the drawing

The cake counter, not many choices

We got the brownie and bread & butter pudding for free
Wish to eat the whole cake

My prawn and eggplant spaghetti, Jolie said tastes like the spaghetti I cooked. No wonder I like it

 Beef meatball spaghetti, good but not great. Dave's meatball far more tasty than this

Chicken chop

Free cake # 1: Choc brownie

Free cake # 2: Bread and butter pudding


  1. Again? It must be very good!

  2. The vanilla Mille crepe looks really tempting, but a bit expensive neh