Friday, 11 November 2011

The Wok, kota damansara

The wok at kota damansara serves wide varieties of nyonya and penang food. I like their nyonya style decoration. Food wise, too oily for me. I found they used a lot of pork lard to cook the food. It's perharps the perfect frying medium and providing a wonderful flavor to the food. But you don't need a lot, just a dash of it will do. Personally, I strongly dislike  the pork lard, yuck!

I wondered what is it
By Rosie from Puah Chu Kang, if not mistaken

Fried rice with pork lard?!!
I have to filter out all the pork lard before I can eat

Char Kuey Teow was recommeded by the waitress. It's acceptable if you see pork lard in char kuey teow
Mango cendol, not good enough

26-G, Jln pju 5/21,
The strand damansara,
47810 PJ

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