Monday, 28 November 2011


Häagen-Dazs, a great taste ice-cream that is pricey for most of us.  Jusco in 1 utama had the haagen dazs promotion which is buy 2 free 1. Normal price for 1 pint is RM30.90. Discounted price was RM20.60 each.

I like vanilla the most, what about you?
It's not matter of name, calories etc, the taste is superb

Ice-cream cake, I don't remember the name and price
My niece likes haagen dazs as well

I used to love their macadamia nut flavor but i found it too sweet for me. My new love are vanilla and green tea. 
Don't make it a habit though because it has a highest fat content of any other ice-cream, that's why it has such a creamy texture...Unless you're into having a heart attack or stroke.

Location:1 utama


  1. wow, so many hasten dazs. They still having the promotion now? Really cheap

  2. i bought that too...but i think mine was buy 1 free 1, or buy 2 with a certain price, forgot...;p

  3. Yen? Yen lim?
    Really got such a great deal? nx time must inform me

  4. yesterday went to tesco, buy 2 for RM55...;p but i'm not sure if tesco kl has the same deal...

  5. JB ppl dun like haagen Dazs?y always got such a good offer?! I wanna move to JB!!!