Thursday, 10 November 2011

Bagan Hailam Lagoon Seafood Restaurant

Hailam village which is located in port klang is popular for its seafood. It is very much similiar to Bukit Tambun as the main source of income for the villagers here are fishing industry.

The night view from the restaurant

Sweet and sour crab

Crabs with salted egg yolk
Man tou to complement the crab
Teow Chew style steamed fish, fresh and well cooked
Deep fried sotong was not bad
Egg Fu Yong look alike 'O jien' (oyster omelette)
Not bad but not good enough

Stir fried mixed vegetables
The crab was ok, just not as awesome as I expected. In fact I was quite dissapointed as we came all the way here. The route to hainan village was quite dark and scary at night. We supposed to go earlier but there was a little misunderstanding among us to get the right place, we ended up reach at 9pm.
I like the Teow chew style steamed fish, the fish was steamed to perfection, best dish of the night.

23, Bagan Hailam
42000 Port Klang

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  1. I like the teow chew steamed fish oso