Thursday, 6 October 2011

Kennedy's restaurant

This casual American style restaurant is located in Kota damansara, opposite the cheechah restaurant. It's quite small and not many customer.
The place decor is fun with American wallpaper, comics and T-shirt ( low cost decoration I suppose)
We're aim for the lamb chop and Chicken chop at first as we heard a good review about them. But we're attracted by the promotion set recommended by the waiter. So end up we ordered the grilled fish set and pork ribs. The grilled fish set came with the mushroom soup, ice lemon tea and dessert. It's cost less than RM20.

Soup of the day

The interior

BBQ grilled fish, served with salad and fries, You can't go wrong with the homemade BBQ sauce, it would be perfect for anything.

Pork Ribs

I wasn't too keen on pork, however I was very surprised by how tasty the hearty BBQ pork ribs turned out to be!

Dessert-honey pudding

Imagize how much will your meal cost if you have standard charted credit card

Our dinner bill was only about RM50.
The attentive and friendly staff, price point and quaint ambience really worth a second visit.
We had such a excellent dinner and I'll definitely be back again for the lamb chop and chic chop

Promotion: Sat 50% off on seafood and pastas; RM 6.90 lunch deal on Tuesday- Friday

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