Friday, 21 October 2011

Hokkaido Sushi @Hokkaido Ichiba

The Hokkaido sushi restaurant, has just opened few days ago after few months renovation at old wing 1 utama. It's located at lower ground floor, end of the old wing.
Hokkaido sushi/ Hokkaido ice-cream are actually under the same group with sushi zanmai/pasta zanmai. This is definitely the good news for zanmai lovers. Sushi zanmai was always packed and I believe everyone use to queue for more than half an hour for the affordable yet good quality japanese food.
I've been to sushi zanmai for many times, in fact I was a super loyal customer to sushi zanmai/ pasta zanmai as I paid them a visit almost every week. The most important aspect of a restaurant is definitely the food. Style of food is a largely matter of taste. But whatever the style, i tend to value simple cooking with good quality ingredient over fussy or over elaborate food. That's why I love japanese food so much, especially sashimi with wasabi. My bro-in-law always says that why does people pay for raw/ uncooked food? And guess what.. He is a Japanese. He said I looked like Japanese more than he does.

Salmon salad is superb with zanmai dressing

I order the same combination whenever I'm here, over and over again and I love them still

Hokkaido ice-cream is just next to Hokkaido sushi

The food, the price and the ambience was exactly the same with sushi zanmai.
Service wise, hokaido was very much better than sushi zanmai, because they were less busy with less customers.

Sushi zanmai is located at 2nd floor, new wing, opposite parkson.