Thursday, 13 October 2011

Petit Sucre

Petit Sucre is located at food market of Isetan, KLCC. The dessert stall was just opened a month ago on the re-opening day of Isetan after renovation. They sell wide variety flavor of macarons, tarts and cakes.
I heard they are an offshoot of Levain Boulangerie, so I was quite interested to try them as I always wanted to go Levain but never got a chance.

the more you buy, the cheaper you get

I dropped by klcc today after work to have a look of the new look of Isetan, and I managed to to grab some macarons and tartlets to go home with me.

Fruite De La Pasion & Mango

Chocolate Baked Tartlet

I almost cried out when I saw this

It was suppose to look like the tart in the centre (this photo was copied from the facebook page)

The best I can to restore the mango mousse, no bad though

To be honest, I'm not very keen on their macaroons, but the tartlets was quite good.

Location:Isetan, KLCC

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