Thursday, 22 December 2011

Tong Pak Fu, Sunway Giza

Tong Pak Fu, an award winning dessert restaurant from Hong Kong that serve the best quality of hot and cold dessert. If  you think a meal without dessert is not complete, here you are...

Suzie Wong, malaysian TPF ambassador

Very simple interior

D24 durian snow ice RM12.80

Mango snow ice RM 11.80
This is something interesting, it burst when you bite it
Glutinous rice ball with black sesame and peanut topping

Buy 8 get 1

I ordered the glutinous rice ball with black sesame and peanut topping (RM4.8) for myself. I thought it has black sesame filling., a bit disappointed. For those who fancy nuts and black sesame may like this. It tastes unique but I still prefer traditional glutinous rice ball served in warm syrup.
I like the snow ice, it’s really light and fluffy in texture and it just melt in the mouth immediately the moment you put it in your mouth.
Durian snow ice has very strong durian taste like eating  frozen durian.
Mango snow ice very refreshing, this is the best during hot weather.

Happy winter solstice festival everyone, have a sweet one!


  1. hi :) the black balls have no filling you mean? aww but it looks great there!

  2. Happy Dong zi ! At least u had glutinous rice ball.. Haha

  3. The black glutinous really unique, happy winter solstice pretty

  4. the rice ball looks yummy ne, i think i will like this kinda tang yuen...;p

  5. yeah, i was attracted by the appearance oso. may be my expectation was too high