Wednesday, 7 December 2011

L. Table + Lavender bakery

Weekend is a great time to enjoy a nice breakfast/ brunch, a perfect relaxed day for reading a newspaper/magazine while enjoying breakfast and coffee.
Well, we're the first timers to L.table and we're so surprise by the volume of diners in the restaurant. I was expecting somewhat of a quieter dining experience as it's hidden inside the Lavender bakery, which is one of my favorite bakery as well. Quite the contrary! The atmosphere was lively, bustling with youth, most likely  couples as well as families. Everyone were there earlier than us. By the time we finish our brunch, the restaurant was almost empty.
They offer limited menu...for breakfast and brunch I guess.  I believe they have different menu for dinner.
Good news for sleepyhead, breakfast are available until 5pm while brunch are available until 6pm. Odd time right?
I ordered scallop pesto spaghetti. This could has been the stunning combination but the pesto sauce way too strong for my taste.
Breakfast skillet was more to my liking.
And of course, some coffee to kick start of the day. I have to admit one thing, my selection of coffee will not surprise you, cappuccino or latte. I'm a coffee lovers, but not the black coffee or espresso, that's too strong for my me. The addition of milk is important to make a silky smooth coffee.

Scallop pesto spaghetti (RM35)

Breakfast skillet (RM22)
Cappucino (RM8)
Hot chocolate (RM8)

Service is what you'd expect from a restaurant of this kind, usually very attentive. One of the best thing is, they allow customers to have the bread from the bakery inside the L.table restaurant.
Prices here are pretty reasonable.

Below are some photos taken at Lavender bakery


  1. Nice place! I wish to go there too ;)

  2. Yup nancy, it was not bad. U should at least grab some bread from lavender

  3. I didn't notice 1U got such a nice restaurant, must find 1 day go and try

  4. Yeah, date me if u want... Haha

  5. yesterday at 5.30pm I went to the bakery with my sister and my maid. As my sister was picking us some bread I saw this cake which is white in colour. I asked the chef attending there how I could order the cake to have it with coffee inside. He told me I can pick up what I want then pay them at the cashier then proceed to the cafe. So fine I did that. We ordered coffee and tea (its tea time not luch or dinner). It was apparently the manager who came to take the order. I asked her whether I can have a plate to eat the cakes I bought at the bakery and she replied no they dont serve take-away. I was just asking for an empty plate and those cakes are from their own bakery. I told her I have asked the chef outside and he had indicated I can eat it in the cafe. Cannot , ok fine so I took a fork to eat the cake. The manager then abrupty and rudely removed the other cutlery (3 sets)from the table. As a manager she should not be so rude. In fact a day earlier that is on Sunday afternoon I was at Bukit Tinggi Lavender outlet. My friend bought a piece of layer cake.We also had coffee there and the staff were so polite and even cut up the layer cake and served it with side plates and forks. She is not even a manager! However I noticed the manager at 1-U was exceptionally nice to those who ordered food and dressed in style.

  6. Too bad to hear that u had a not so good experience at L.table. I noticed they no longer let customer to have the bread from lavender bakery. It's all chef's fault. May be he doesn't know/ he's new...
    (there's is small memo at the cashier indicates no bread from bakery allowed in L.table).
    But I strongly agreed with you that as a manager, he/she shouldn't be so rude. Customer always right!!!

    Thanks for the comment;)