Thursday, 15 December 2011

Senjyu, e @ Curve

It was a RM13.90 deal to get Sakura Chirashi or Seafood tempura Jyu set meal which is worth RM 34.80  from groupon. I faced the problem to make the booking, the line was always engaged/ nobody pick up the phone. When I finally managed to reach them, they said the table will only available 5 days later. Alright... Then I said ok, but then they told me dinner time was fully booked, unless I could wait for another 4 days. We ended up managed to get the reservation for dinner more than a week later, finally!
Senjyu located at ground floor of e@curve which is same row with Funky villa and McDonald. The restaurant was full of groupon diners, then I understood why was it so hard to make the booking.

Set meal was served with the miso soup and salad
Sakura chirashi

Seafood Tempura Jyu

We're seated in the tradisional japanese tatami area

The food was good, both raw and cooked.
Both sashimi and tempura set came with salad and miso soup. The sashimi was delectable, you can't go wrong with raw food as long as it's fresh enough.
I don't like fried things, but their tempura was great. It was not heavy and greasy like you can sometimes find in other restaurant.
The drinks are pretty expensive. Usually, restaurant lure you in for the low profit-margin food, and urge you to drink high profit-margin drinks. They have no green tea on the menu, don't get trap! We asked and they actually serve green tea for RM 2 per glass. Other drinks are price at ~RM10.
The staff were quite attentive although we were using the groupon. We were offered to refill our hot tea multiple times without my having to ask.
A la carte items here are not cheap, but not terrible (around RM35-RM50 if not mistaken)


  1. Wow so cheap, I should have bought the groupon also.

  2. Haha, u missed it... Wait 4 another great deal then

  3. I've been to this restaurant not long ago, not bad as I remember

  4. Nice food they serve there love their oyster alot