Wednesday, 28 December 2011

La Bodega, Empire shopping gallery

The empire shopping gallery which was partly damaged in a gas explosion on October has reopened. Not dare to step in the mall anymore? Don't worry, extra safety measures had been put in place to prevent similar incidents. All restaurants have been fitted with a brand new gas line system that automatically switches off gas supply in case of the detection of a leak ( I wonder why didn't they use this system while constructing the building) . Anyway, the place is safer now, hopefully...

We popped in here to check the new look of the shopping complex and had a simple dinner at La bodega, a Spanish restaurant.
On arrival, I really liked the cozy atmosphere of the place. The waitress recommended us passionately about seafood paella which perfect for two. We're very much appreciated the chance to try different things recommended by a lady with such a passion and skills. We were told  it takes about 30 minutes to prepare and cook the dish. Good food worth the wait, so we agreed.  Things were going well, we were looking forward to our main course....Sadly , these really let the place down.
It's a a Spanish rice cooked in a paella with seafood.  It was a special dish, but the seafood was not fresh and certainly not worth RM60. I found the drinks quite pricey also.

Not a massive menu

Pink guava ( chilled) RM 10

Orange juice (fresh) RM 15

Paella de pescado y mariscos (RM60)

I really wanted to like this restaurant, but I'm afraid I can't really recommended for anything else.


  1. Not good? But it looks colorful and yummy