Wednesday, 7 December 2011

MOF japaneses sweets and coffee

Since I had subscribed to groupon, each morning without fail, I receive an opportunity to purchase some sort of discounted item or activity and exotic foods.
Thanks to groupon, macha kurian and sundae set that usually sold for RM16.90 and RM15.90 offered at RM8.90. This offer was only available at MOF japanese sweets and coffee, sunway pyramid.

Macha Kurian
 Cute Marshmallow
Glorious and indulgent mango sundae set

 I like the presentation of the Macha kurian. Topping are marshmallow, fruits and macha sauce.
A smaller scoop of green tea ice cream was added to balance the sweetness of the combination. Not only did it look tantalising, but it tasted heavenly too
Sundae set was quite good, creamy and bursting with mango flavour
A bit pricey  but worth every cent


  1. Great! I've join groupon also.. Really got a lot of 'ho liao'

  2. I bought the MOF groupon also, no time to go and try yet.
    Need booking? How long in advance?

  3. U guys are lucky to have bought the groupon, normal price really expensive.
    No need booking Nancy