Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Tang Shifu

Tang Shifu, a Chinese restaurant which specialized in herbal soups. This place suited  for health conscious or dietary restriction type of people.

Something wrong with the signage?!!! take a guess

Abalone sauce rice dumpling (RM9.90)

I don't remember what is this...

Mee Suah with herbs & rice wine (RM13.90)
It helps improving blood circulation & skin complexion

Mee Suah with Dried Scallop & abalone slices (RM15.90)
You can opt for dry version : a la carte (RM10.90) or set (RM19.90)
Set meal came with condiments of black beans and braised pork as well as herbal soups

Meatballs with shark fins & dried scallops (RM9.90)

Snow jelly with gingko (RM8.90)

Snow jelly to revitalize and moisturize skin, calms mind and regulates breath. A must order item at every visit.

Sour plum tea (RM8.90)
They named it 'Ge Gen' heat reducing tea on the menu. It was came in a large jug which enough for up to 4 persons. Sour plum helps to moisturize and revitalize skin also.

Oolong in Passion (RM6.90)
Honey mandarin with lychee (6.90)

Although everything on the menu looks like mostly soups and herbs,  it's not as bland as you thought. Give it a try and you would be surprised.


  1. I like their soups! I'm health conscious also haha

  2. Really? U don't look like haha