Wednesday, 8 February 2012


Ben's is another restaurant under the BIG group which also brought you Plan B, T forty 2, Ben's general food store and Canoodling. Jolie has warned me that their food was sucks, but stubborn me insisted to give it a try, at least once. One of the reason is the place was decorated nicely, and I did read quite a lot of good reviews about this restaurant.
The handwriting menu is kinda special but some may  face the problem to read the menu.
To be safe, I ordered spaghetti for myself. It was OK but I found  some of the squid was over grilled.
The oozy cheese toastie which contains cheddar, gruyere and parmesan cheese was quite disappointing. The bread was dry and rock-hard. I didn't know where the oozy come from as I can't even taste the cheese.

My tea has such a beautiful name, Red fancy fruit rooibos. But I don't think it has any different from boh tea.

Char-grilled seafood spaghetti (RM22.90)

Oozy cheese toastie (RM17.90)

Red fancy fruit rooibos (RM8.90)

Well, I should have trusted Jolie. I wondered why the restaurant was always packed. This restaurant was overrated! I will not come back again despite the reasonable price.

6.11.00 & E6.11.00
6th Floor Pavilion KL
Tel No : 03-2141 5290


  1. U long time no blog, where have u been?!

    1. Yeah, CNY really busy. No time to write

  2. haha...u should trust me...
    the spaghetti is too creamy for me ...

    1. That's y I didn't order creamy one. But still... Yucks!