Thursday, 27 September 2012

Waku Waku @ Mid Valley

Waku Waku is not just an ordinary Japanese restaurant. They will give you an ultimate fusion dining experience at a very reasonable prices. Waku Waku means 'excitement' in Japanese is also a pork free, fun and relaxing restaurant

Japaneses roasted rice tea  (RM2.90/ glass)

Japanese inspired Nasi Lemak looks so different that served in hot stone bowl instead banana leaf. Hmm, creative and not bad. But I still prefer traditional local version of Nasi Lemak

Nasi lemak Jepun (RM14.90)

Kuey Teow Jepun/ Japanese style fried rice noodles was surprisingly good. I wasn't expecting to like it, but I really did. It's best eaten when it is hot, smoky hot...

Kuey Teow Jepun (RM11.90)

Poached eggs is simply irresistible

If you want a good meal at cheap prices, this is the best place in town

T-015B 3rd floor
Mid Valley Megamall
Tel: 03- 22841172

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