Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Xiao Bar Wang @ 1 utama

Xiao Bar Wang is a restaurant owned by Singaporean artists, Apple Hong and Ong Ai Leng and Jeff Wang. Now you can truly enjoy the Taiwanese street food without having to fly to Taiwan. The food here is truly fantastic and reminded me of being in Taiwan all over again. Prices was just right, not expensive.

Mee Sua (RM6.90) - is their specialties, the noodles are smooth and the gravy is well seasoned.

Tea Egg (RM0.90/ each) + Mee Sua = Perfect match

Braised  pork rice + drink (RM9.90) - pretty good, quite Taiwanese flavor.

Lot LG118, Lower Ground Floor
Old Wing, One Utama Shopping Centre


  1. Taste really authentic? Must try try then~ :)

  2. wah.. the braised pork rice... I like how they put so much pork to cover all the rice! :)