Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Kocik kitchen @ Melaka

Nyonya food is a blend of Chinese, Malaysian and European, a must try if you ever go to Melaka. Any Nyonya restaurant in Melaka usually not bad if you know how to order.
Kocik kitchen is a Nyonya restaurant that is tucked in the midst of  Jonker street which also has so many food for us to salivate over.

Pai Tee (RM 4.50/ 4 pcs) - Also known as 'Top Hats'. A light and crispy appetizer.

One of the local food you shouldn't miss - Otak otak

Chap chye stew (RM10) - mixed vegetables that tasted like what it supposed to be

Fish chili garam (RM30)- just ok, nothing to jump about

Chicken Ponteh (RM12) - One of the melaka's signature, very addictive.

Fried squid (RM15) - The squid was just okay

Lemak nenas prawn (RM20)- It has just the right amount of coconut and tasted superb

Telur cencaluk (RM8)- the biggest letdown

Fried bee hoon- soso

Duck soup (RM15) - WTH is this?! Never order this

Gula melaka cendol (RM3) - Cendol is a must! As jonker 88 is always crowded and difficult to get a seat, and I heard the standard of the cendol  have dropped. We tried kocik kitchen's cendol and it was surprisingly good, aromatic and flavorful, very satisfying indeed.

If you don't care much about ambience but want a simple and good local food, this is the place. Come early because the place close ealier (~7.30pm) on Sunday.

Jalan Tun Tan Cheng Lock
7500 Malacca


  1. Ooh, another new place to try in Melaka!

  2. nice place! the Pie Tie is a very good size...while the Prawns Masak Lemak looks really delicious....

    and.. I agree Jonker 88 chendol has drop their standard so much... my last round there was such a dissappointment...will try this place when I visit Malacca.. :)

  3. Why the fried egg disappointed?