Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Alexis @ The Garden

Alexis bistro and wine bar offers some of the most pleasurable contemporary dining experience. Not to mention, dining at Alexis is quite pricey. It has a stylish interior and very busy which is always a good sign.

Nasi Ulam (RM 28) - with lemongrass curry chicken, prawn berempah, eggplant tumis and kerabu pucuk paku. We saw almost every table having this kinda pyramid rice so we asked, the waiter told us it called Nasi ulam. Never eaten this authentic Malay cuisine before, quite special and spicy. Apparently it was cooked with various aromatic herbs and spices.

Roast tarragon chicken (RM 38) - served with marel normandy, savoy cabbage stew & crushed pink peppercorn. It has a distinct smoked aroma and tastes not bad, but definitely of smaller portions than other restaurants that we've been to so far. Hardly enough for one.

Cappucino (RM11.50)

Finally, came the famed Tiramisu (RM15) - very similar to the one I had in suchan, it has crunchy bits on top and served with raspberry sauce. A delightful end to the meal.

F209 1st Floor,
The Garden,
Mid Valley City,
 Lingkaran Syed Putra,
59200, KL
Tel: 03- 22872281


  1. tarragon chicken sounds like a tasty order! i've actually forgotten what exactly tarragon tastes like. maybe similar enough to other herbs, like thyme :D

  2. yeah it has a combination of many flavors, having hints of pepper and herbs

  3. their nasi ulam look tempting,nice boh? ShiY

  4. they said alexis tiramisu is frm suchan...i love that also...great choice...;p

    1. yeah I heard that, but not sure is it true?